High Profile Federal Office

This high-level government office moves to the cloud with confidence…

Quick Facts

  • Headquarters: Washington, DC
  • Industry: Federal Government
  • Regulations: FISMA
  • Employees: 4,000+


  • Meeting government security team’s requirement that sensitive personal data have additional cloud protection
  • Needed easy, functional integration with web2lead and email systems
  • Goal to rapidly deploy to 400 users


  • CipherCloud for Salesforce
  • Deep integration with entire Salesforce platform
  • Ability to assure no unauthorized access to sensitive federal government data

Top Benefits

  • Enabled moving off expensive legacy system to affordable, flexible cloud platform
  • Eliminated risk of unauthorized access to sensitive personal information
  • Met strict security requirements while leveraging up-to-date cloud applications

High-Level Government Office Migrates Legacy CRM System to Salesforce Cloud Platform

CipherCloud Encryption Keeps Sensitive Information Protected and Confidential 


This high-level federal government office is held to the highest standards of privacy and confidentiality as a matter of national security. Like many organizations these days, the office found itself with an antiquated, legacy CRM application that they wanted to migrate to a modern Salesforce platform. They planned to roll out the Salesforce portal to serve 400 users.

The data they would be porting to the cloud platform would contain sensitive personal and government information. The government security team would not allow this personally identifiable information (PII) to be stored in the cloud without additional strict protections.


The government office selected CipherCloud for Salesforce for this additional layer of security. Among other functions, the federal branch intended to use Salesforce to maintain events, guests, embassy visits, and more, built on the Force.com platform, customized for this purpose by Acumen Solutions.

This custom platform would require security capable of:

  • The strongest level of encryption – AES 256-bit – to encrypt sensitive personal information
  • Exclusive internal control over their encryption keys
  • Rapid deployment to 400 users


As the government office deployed Salesforce and CipherCloud, there were able to apply specific encryption settings on a field-by-field basis, giving them granular control over sensitive data types. Using strong encryption while maintain exclusive control over the encryption keys, they were able to assure that no unauthorized users could access protected data, regardless of where it resides in the cloud.

While adding security, they were able to maintain key functionality in  Salesforce so users could do their jobs with no reduction in performance or responsiveness. And, they house the encryption keys and keep full control of the data at all times.


This key government office branch accomplished their goal of replacing their out-of-date legacy CRM system to the Salesforce platform, achieving costs savings, efficiency and flexibility. They achieved an effective rollout that was also secured by:

  • Eliminating risk of unauthorized access to sensitive personal information
  • Meeting strict security requirements while leveraging up-to-date cloud applications
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