Global Leader in Customer-Loyalty Programs Streamlines Operations, Meets Compliance and Saves Money

This company’s data in the cloud is even safer than it was in-house…

Quick Facts

  • Headquarters: Stamford, CT
  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Products: Loyalty programs for financial services companies and 17 other markets
  • Employees: 4,000+
  • 70 million members


  • Streamlining IT operations to the cloud
  • Handling credit cards and other sensitive financial data
  • Assuring compliance with PCI, GLBA and regional privacy laws


  • CipherCloud for Office 365
  • Seamless migration experience for users
  • Support for mobile devices  – Active Sync, MAPI

Top Benefits

  • Dramatic savings on email infrastructure costs
  • Levels of data protection even better than in-house

Securing Email and Private Customer Data in the Cloud

Global Leader in Customer-Loyalty Programs Streamlines Operations, Meets Compliance and Saves Money



This large financial services company enables thousands of their clients to provide customer loyalty programs through memberships, subscriptions, and related products. 70 million members strong, this organization’s makes its programs available across many industries, from healthcare and financial to retail and insurance.

To streamline their own operations, this company needed to move their 4,000-employee email system to the cloud. They also wanted to migrate the management of their customer records – including credit card info — to a cloud-hosted system. This meant taking reliable steps to ensure proper protection of sensitive financial and personal data.


This company chose to migrate their existing Microsoft Exchange email system to the Office 365 hosted platform. Globally they had nearly 5,000 email users in North America, EMEA, and APAC who would need uninterrupted access to email from any browser or mobile device. They needed to be certain they wouldn’t be vulnerable to any unauthorized access of their data and could feel confident that their practices were inline with regulations such as PCI (credit cards), and GLBA and other privacy laws.

The solution needed to:

  • Assure that only authorized users could access sensitive email data while it resided in the cloud
  • Support 4-5,000+ global users 24×7, including peak usage times
  • Provide email from any browser on any mobile device
  • Lower infrastructure costs and free up IT staff to focus on more productive tasks


This company selected CipherCloud to secure their Office 365 environment in a virtual AWS environment. Because this project would migrate millions of confidential emails, attachments, and customer records from on-premise to the cloud, they sought CipherCloud’s expertise in email encryption. Their email content and attachments would be encrypted before it arrived in any mailboxes in the cloud, ensuring the content would be indecipherable to any unwelcome eyes. They also needed a smooth rollout that would allow users to send and receive email and attachments as “business as usual.”

For this company’s many mobile employees, CipherCloud also provided MAPI and Active Sync integration, along with the flexibility to add on future cloud applications down the road when needed.


The company achieved its goals and aggressive timeline to reduce its email infrastructure costs by moving it to the cloud, while not compromising security. This streamlined operations and allowed its IT resources to focus on business-critical priorities. By entrusting CipherCloud with the critical task of protecting and securing its confidential information in the cloud, this company’s data in the cloud is even safer than it was in-house. They also have the assurance of knowing they can easily and securely integrate more applications down the road as needed – all while realizing the dramatic cost savings and flexibility of the cloud.

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