Credit Reporting Giant Trusts CipherCloud for Box to Share Its Most Confidential Data in the Cloud

Be in control of protecting your data, managing encryption keys, meeting privacy regulations…

Quick Facts

  • Headquarters: Minneapolis
  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Founded: 1956
  • Products: Credit scoring and debt collection tools


  • Manage risk of data leakage from cloud-based collaboration tools
  • Enable end users to share data  while maintaining data loss safeguards
  • Protect data, meet Dodd Frank and other regulations and avoid high-profile breaches


  • CipherCloud for Box
  • Real-time and on-demand scanning for Box Enterprise users
  • Seamless use and support for global workforce from any browser or device

Top Benefits

  • Sensitive and regulated data kept safe in Box with no leaks
  • Enhanced visibility into Box use details, monitoring all corporate users

Keeping Sensitive Data ‘Inside the Box’ Is a Good Thing

Credit Reporting Giant Trusts CipherCloud for Box to Share Its Most Confidential Data in the Cloud



This company, founded in 1956, is a leader in credit reports and specializes in consumer behavior. They’ve created groundbreaking mathematics that thousands of organizations use for predictive consumer modeling that helps them drive more effective programs. 100% of the largest credit card issuers in the U.S. rely on this company’s solutions.

For its own processes, this company wanted to give its end users a way to easily share information with appropriate outsiders without  the risk of sensitive data leaking into the wrong hands. Given the highly confidential nature of much of this data, how could they engage in open file sharing without fear of private information falling through the cracks?


The company selected Box as their platform of choice to be the repository for sharing their documents, data files, and more. The challenge was to ensure all the documents, images, and information was accessible only by the proper parties.

In addition to Box, they required a solution to:

  • Enable collaboration while protecting against data breaches
  • Enhance the security of Box without limiting its functionality
  • Perform real-time and on-demand scanning of any folders or files
  • Provide detailed visibility and reporting on user activity for compliance


CipherCloud for Box was the perfect fit for this company’s needs. Box makes it easy for people to share content and collaborate with anyone, anywhere. CipherCloud makes this process not only convenient, but also worry-free by scanning all content uploaded into Box from any device or location, enforcing corporate DLP policies, and offering a range of enforcement choices, including alerting, blocking, quarantining, self-remediation, and policy-based encryption. This assured that only authorized people can access sensitive or regulated information, without impeding legitimate collaboration.

Additionally, management also has all the insight they need on user activity through integrated reporting, and the company maintains solitary control of their own encryption keys.

Such provisions put this company in control of many aspects of their business – control in protecting their data, managing their encryption keys and implementing proper steps to meet privacy and data protection regulations.


CipherCloud for Box provided this credit services company with a secure Box integration that lets users access files in the same way they always have.  The solution:

  • Prevents sensitive data from leaking through Box
  • Enhances visibility into Box usage and monitors all corporate users
  • Enables control of data protection, encryption keys and ability to meet regulations

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