Cable and Media Giant

Implements Box with CipherCloud to Improve Productivity and Maintain Control…

Quick Facts

  • Industry: Communications and Media
  • Products: Cable TV, Internet and phone services, media content, entertainment
  • Employees: 60,000+
  • Fortune 100 enterprise


  • Required centralized visibility and control for huge amounts of data being shared via Box
  • Needed to extend corporate DLP policies and visibility to the cloud
  • Content based policy enforcement for file sharing with external users


  • CipherCloud for Box
  • Integration with existing enterprise Symantec DLP
  • AES encryption for sensitive data

Top Benefits

  • Facilitated deployment of the Box next generation collaboration services
  • Enhanced CISO visibility into Box usage and content
  • Reduced corporate and customer risk with content-based policy controls for sensitive data

Tuning in File Sharing With Box and CipherCloud

Cable and Media Giant Implements Box with CipherCloud to Improve Productivity and Maintain Control


A Cable and Media giant, this company delivers TV, high speed Internet, and phone services for both businesses and residential users. With tens of thousands of employees, the IT team struggled controlling “shadow” IT file sharing and collaboration services. Equally alarming was the fact that the company did not have visibility into type of data being shared and with whom it was being shared. Blocking these unsanctioned services without providing an alternative was not an option as the employees relied heavily on these services for day-to-day business. Shutting these down would have a tremendous negative impact on productivity.


This company decided to standardize on an enterprise file sharing solution that would be sanctioned for company wide use. Box was identified as the preferred enterprise solution, however the CISO needed to ensure visibility and content-based policy controls were in place before it could be purchased and deployed.

In addition to complying with several regulations like PCI, the company also maintains a corporate responsibility to keep all customer information protected.  The company also has very strict rules on what corporate information is considered “sensitive” and cannot be shared outside the company.

Having already made a large investment in Symantec’s enterprise DLP solution, the company wanted to leverage its existing content policies. Previously, their DLP solution did not have visibility into the content in cloud-based file sharing and collaboration services.

In addition to Box, they required a solution to:

  • Enable secure collaboration while protecting against user sharing mistakes
  • Apply existing content policies from the enterprise DLP solution
  • Govern and secure external file sharing
  • Comply with industry, regional, and corporate mandates for data protection
  • Own and manage data encryption keys within the company
  • Perform real-time and on-demand scanning of any folders or files
  • Provide detailed visibility and reporting on user activity for compliance


The combination of Box and CipherCloud was able to address all of the company’s requirements.  The convenience and turnkey usability of Box combined with the added controls of CipherCloud for Box enabled the company meet its data protection requirements, satisfy the CISO, and implement a next generation solution for file-sharing and collaboration.

Critical to the success of the solution is the ability to integrate with the enterprise DLP solution already in place.  Using the established content policies, the company is able to scan all content uploaded into Box from any device or location. DLP policies are automatically enforced with a range of remediation choices based on content policies. Remediation options include alerting, blocking, quarantining, user self-remediation, and encryption. This assures that only authorized people can access sensitive or regulated information and did not impact functionality of the solution. Additionally, with an interactive dashboard and granular reporting, the CISO office also has all the insight they need on usage and user activity.


CipherCloud for Box provided the company with an enterprise file-sharing and collaboration service that lets users access files in the same way they always have.  The solution:

  • Applies content-based policy controls to data shared in Box
  • Enforces corporate data protection policies
  • Increases visibility into Box usage and monitors corporate usage
  • Leverages existing investment in corporate DLP solution
  • Enables control of data protection, encryption keys and ability to meet regulations

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