Australian Insurance Provider Provides Health Services to Millions

This company safely processes billions of dollars in claims and protects millions of client records…

Quick Facts

  • Headquarters: Australia
  • Industry: Healthcare and Private Insurance
  • Services: Provides insurance throughout Australia and New Zealand
  • Employees: Over 4,000
  • Regulations: Strict data residency, privacy


  • Leverage the cloud to provide innovative healthcare services
  • Assure sensitive information is protected in the cloud
  • Meet government-mandated data residency and privacy controls


  • CipherCloud for SalesForce
  • Flexible combination of encryption and tokenization
  • Maintain functionality and performance of Salesforce platform

Top Benefits

  • Saving costs while delivering greater customer access in multiple regions
  • Data protection even better than in-house

Australia Medical Company Securely Launches Customer Services in the Cloud

Medical Insurance Company Relies on CipherCloud for Salesforce to Meet Strict Government and Data Residency Privacy Requirements



As the largest provider of private health insurance and solutions in Australia, this organization provides health services and benefits to millions of people every year in Australia and New Zealand. Their over 4,000 employees process billions of dollars worth of hospital and allied health claims, as well as deliver over 550,000 clinical services annually. They also provide other types of insurance coverage, including travel, life, and pet insurance.

This government-owned, private health services organization opted to use Salesforce as the cloud-based platform to house its phone and web-based healthcare services. They planned to make these services available to users across Australia and New Zealand. Because their information included highly confidential medical and personal information, they needed to meet strict requirements of government mandated data residency and privacy controls.


The health insurance provider knew that the Salesforce platform would allow them to provide better customer phone and Web services. In order to provide the necessary security to go along with these innovative services, they needed a robust, reliable solution to protect their customer’s confidential PII (personal identifiable information). The government’s data residency rules require personal information be protected from theft and from unauthorized access. For some types of data, this means it must not even be uploaded for use in the cloud at all.

This company chose CipherCloud for Salesforce to:

  • Assure that their sensitive information is protected while in the cloud
  • Encrypt some types of data
  • Tokenize some information that required strict data residency protection


CipherCloud for Salesforce met these requirements by providing AES 256-bit encryption to protect sensitive data on a field-by-field basis within Salesforce. They were able to granularly define what fields to encrypt based on factors such as location, users, and type of data, while maintaining exclusive control over all encryption keys to assure privacy.

In addition, CipherCloud also provided tokenization for specific data that is subject to strict regional data residency requirements. With tokenization, randomly generated values are substituted for the original data, which never leaves the enterprise.

The company is now able to confidently deploy their cloud services across Australia and New Zealand. They can also have confidence in their services being highly available and secure, while providing the high performance their users expect.


The insurance provider continues to help the lives of millions of citizens in Australia and New Zealand by providing better and more convenient ways to gain the insurance coverage and services they need, while also keeping their confidential information protected.

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