Personal Information of One in Three Mass. Residents Compromised Since 2010

The recent article posted in highlighted some eye-opening statistics – 2 million Massachusetts residents have been impacted by data breaches since Jan 2010.  That could include leaks of individual names along with other sensitive information, such as Social Security numbers or bank account, credit card, and debit card numbers.

These statistics were made available as a result of a state law enacted in 2007 that requires all companies doing business in Massachusetts to inform consumers and state regulators about security breaches that might result in identity theft. Two questions that come to mind immediately are:

  1. Are the state of affairs just as concerning in other US states as well? That would mean over 37 million US residents have been impacted by data breaches since 2010.
  2. Are organizations investing enough in technology, people and processes to adequately protect customer data?

Organizations need to start implementing proactive security measures


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