New CipherCloud Survey Validates Big Concerns about Cloud Data Security, Residency and Compliance

As CipherCloud’s 2nd birthday fast approaches, we realize that the purpose for which CipherCloud was founded, “To build trust in the cloud,” is as important now as the day we wrote our first line of code. At Dreamforce, we conducted a short survey asking about IT professionals’ concerns and the impact on their business. What’d we find? That concerns about data security, privacy, residency and compliance are amazingly high given how much momentum there is in moving to the cloud. A few stats:

IT professionals voiced concerns about storing sensitive data in the cloud in a variety of areas:

  • Data security – 66%
  • Data privacy – 56%
  • Compliance – 34%
  • Data residency – 26%

…and, IT professionals have big concerns about a whole host of different threats:

  • Data leakage – 52%
  • Unknown risk profiles – 34%
  • Account, service and traffic hijacking – 32%
  • Shared technology vulnerabilities – 32%
  • Malicious insiders at cloud providers – 28%
  • Insecure programming interfaces – 24%

Understandably, the news was picked up by Dark ReadingCredit Union Times, and even CSO Security & Risk Magazine’s Bill Brenner in his blog, Salted Hash, who acknowledges that he takes vendor-sponsored surveys “with a grain of salt” and normally doesn’t cover them (sorry, we couldn’t help it, and we really like his posts). IT professionals’ concerns about the cloud are clearly prevalent and well-founded.

One final statistic that was particularly interesting to all of us here at CipherCloud who are in the trenches talking with customers and prospects every day:

66 percent of respondents acknowledged knowing at least one cloud project that has been stopped or delayed due to security, privacy, residency, or compliance concerns.

That’s a startling statistic, even for us in the cloud data protection space. There are way too many projects that are launched without IT security getting involved soon enough, and the costs to those organizations in terms of lost time and unnecessary cycles is immense. We’re looking forward to running the same survey next year. With CipherCloud at more and more organizations, we’re doing our part to bring those numbers down!

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