Keeping “Cloudburst” from Becoming Part of Our Everyday Vocabulary

The media loves to start off a new year with top predictions for every facet of our lives–top investments, top automobiles, top schools, top fashion trends, top star couples. Only occasionally does one of these lists really strike a chord. This week, Vivek Wadhwa, a columnist for Bloomberg Businessweek and the Washington Post, shared his top tech predictions for 2012 with Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

Vivek’s top prediction for 2012 is for a “cloudburst.” He asserts that even though the public cloud is going through explosive growth, security is not advancing fast enough. The resulting data stored in the cloud will be an “all you can steal buffet” for hackers. Vivek predicts a major disastrous breach in 2012 which would hurt the cloud industry by killing all the momentum and cloud adoption.

Numerous other analysts are also predicting such a major cloud data breach in 2012. Any CIO can rattle off half a dozen widely publicized breaches in the past year, and unfortunately, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The fundamentals are there in the cloud for such a disastrous breach. That’s why all of us at CipherCloud are proud of how we’re making a difference in the world. If organizations invest in innovative technologies like our Cloud Encryption Gateway to protect their sensitive data against emerging cloud threats, “cloudburst” will never become a part of pop culture.

Take a moment to hear Vivek’s predictions for 2012 at


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