Enterprises Now Free to Safely Move to Cloud Email

CipherCloud is pleased to announce that businesses and governments can move to the cloud email provider of their choice: either Google Gmail or Microsoft Office 365. You provide the cloud email and CipherCloud takes care of eliminating data privacy, residency, security, and compliance barriers with cloud email encryption. Today CipherCloud introduced CipherCloud for Office 365 – one more cloud that can be secured with the CipherCloud Encryption Platform. Start with Office 365 and secure more clouds over time with the same platform across the enterprise. CipherCloud for Office 365 follows on the well received introduction of CipherCloud for Gmail last month. Enterprise are now free to safely capture up to $200 per month per user savings estimated by Forrester Research that come from moving to cloud email.

Both encrypt data-at-rest, in-use, and in-transit. Both encrypt data at the gateway and provide enterprises complete control over their data and encryption keys. And both preseve native functionality like search and seamless access via existing mobile device apps. No complicated plugins or desktop software. Never any end user setup or complications with digital certificates.

Check out the brief video below from Varun Badwhar to get a quick introduction to CipherCloud for Office 365. You can also watch a full product demo online.

Finally, to help you move on your journey to cloud email, CIpherCloud teamed with Paul Simmonds, CSA Guidance 3.0 co-editor and former AstraZenaca CISO, to develop Five “Must Haves” for Securely Moving to Gmail or Office 365. Watch it now and get your cloud email project moving.


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