Does Moving to the Cloud Take a Leap of Faith?

Forrester Research recently found 35% percent of enterprises are focused on moving to the cloud. As part of the analysis, Forrester proposes that a “leap of faith” is required for enterprises to push ahead and adopt the cloud. Forrester doesn’t propose organization move blindly ahead but instead develop a well thoughout strategy and can leverage the Forrester Cloud Computing Playbook. This conversation is an important one: is moving to the cloud really a leap of faith or a calculated strategic transition.

From a business perspective,  ecnonomic analysis from Forresterr, Open Group, and others have shown moving to the cloud is a very straight forward business case. As well,  Salesforce.com developed their own list of benefits of moving to the cloud and there are certainly many others.

But what security about? Do you suspend your best judgment. It’s likely that most CISOs and their teams would never say they’ve taken a leap of faith in moving to the cloud. Rather, they’ve worked diligently with the business to assess risk and implement compensating controls.

Derek Brink of Aberdeen Group found that those enterprises that proactively augment their security in moving to the cloud (taking a highly calculated move to the cloud) spend one third less on cloud services compared to those that just rely on what their cloud service provider offers (more likely a leap of faith).

Aberdeen’s research is also validated by Gartner. In their recent strategic planning assumption, Gartner forecasts 25% of all enterprises will adopt a platform approach to securing cloud access, including cloud encryption, by 2016. And these enterprises will save 30% compared to those that take a one off approach to security.

So it seems enterprises ARE taking a highly caculated and strategic approach to adopting the cloud, and they’re saving money in the process. All of which doesn’t sound like a leap of faith. Definitely and important conversation to continue watching.


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