Encryption Makes the Move to Cloud Email Savings Possible

The economic benefits of moving to cloud email, like Gmail and Office365, are well documented. Already back in 2009, Forrester Research calculated the savings was more than $200 per user each year. Add that up for even a small enterprise and it’s a huge savings. For the US General Services Administration (GSA) and Department of Agriculture this meant $45 million in savings.  Vivek Kundra, former US CIO, spotlighted these savings in his presentation to the US Federal Government at Dell World 2011.

However, in the last two weeks, we’ve seen examples of why doubts about moving to cloud email persist. Messages stored in the cloud are in the hands of a cloud service provider and not the enterprise. This lack of control potentially leaves messaging open to attack and theft.

First, criminals targeted the Gmail account of CloudFlare’s CEO by compromising authentication and hijacking the account. CloudFlare detailed the attack in a comprehensive blog post and infographic. The attack, like many others before it, continues to show that authentication alone cloud leave enterprise data, including cloud email, accessible to criminals.

Next, Google began to alert Gmail users that their accounts may be targeted for hijacking. As in the case of CloudFlare, these attacks could yield access to emails and subsequently other enterprise systems. But, the theft of authentication credentials is nothing new. From online banking to systems behind the most fortified firewalls, criminals of all of sorts have comprised authentication.

For well-prepared enterprises moving to the cloud, or those that are already there, these attacks are not cause for alarm. Multiple layers of security, including cloud encryption, can prevent these incidents from turning into data breaches and compliance issues. The door to cloud email is open and there’s not a better time to move now.

This is one of the reasons why CipherCloud introduced CipherCloud for Gmail. Unlike email encryption systems before it, CipherCloud’s revolutionary use of standards based encryption in a scalable gateway means users don’t need desktop software. Users can access their Gmail from any browser along with their native Android and iOS email apps. Critical features like search work everywhere thanks to cloud encryption’s format and operations preserving abilities. All of this means enterprises regain control over email stored in the cloud.

To see how CipherCloud for Gmail is helping enterprises safely save millions, take a look at our online product demo.

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