CipherCloud Makes History with Four Industry Firsts in September!

In August, The Ponemon Institute reported that 73% of organizations could not describe how their cloud service provider secures their data. Incredibly timely, and backed up by £500,000 fines, the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)  reminded businesses and government that even when using the cloud an organization bears the responsibility for protecting data. The CipherCloud team has been incredibly busy in the months leading up to September to bring new innovations to help eliminate the data privacy, residency, compliance and security challenges with using the cloud raised by the ICO and others.

Over the past month, CipherCloud introduced four industry firsts:

These advancements are huge steps forward to helping enterprises eliminate the barriers to the cloud. But, CipherCloud is only getting started! Stay tuned as CipherCloud continues to introduce even more innovations to help our customer secure more cloud applications faster and easier.
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