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CASB  101: Making the Case for Cloud Access Security Brokers

From nothing to a major emerging technology recognized by Gartner in under three years is an achievement to be proud of. Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) technology has made enormous headway in a short amount of time, driven primarily by the explosion in enterprise cloud adoption and the relatively unaddressed need for enterprise-grade cloud visibility, […]

Federal Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Agency Hacked—Again

Multinational retail chains aren’t the only victims of massive data breaches. Government agencies make tempting targets, too, as the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has now learned, for the second time in a year. The federal agency responsible for government security breaches and federal employee records, the OPM was first breached by Chinese hackers in […]

Choosing a Cloud Encryption Provider: Confidence is Key

Trust and confidence are key when it comes to choosing your information security providers, and cloud encryption is no different. Not only do you have to trust that your cloud encryption provider will handle your encryption keys appropriately—a concern you can eliminate by choosing one that hands over exclusive control of the encryption keys to […]

PCI Compliance Violations: The Biggest Culprit and How to Avoid Them

For any enterprise that deals with customer payment card information, compliance with PCI DSS is critical. Noncompliance can result in heavy fines, and the data breaches that noncompliance makes more likely can severely damage both a company’s brand and its bottom line. It’s to be expected, therefore, that the vast majority of companies subject to […]

Get Control of Your Cloud with Unified Cloud Security Platform

So your enterprise has embraced the cloud. You’ve entrusted the cloud with your CRM, enterprise content collaboration, human capital management, and more. Your organization is reaping the benefits in improved data and application availability, workforce productivity, and business agility. And you’ve done your homework and secured every one of your cloud applications to the best […]

Data Breaches Are “Inevitable”; Data Encryption Can Help

Enterprises must face up to the fact that data breaches are inevitable. That’s one of the key takeaways from Ovum’s late 2014 report, “Cybersecurity and Encryption: Approaches to Obfuscating Data.” Attempting to prevent breaches outright is no longer a practicable option, given the porous nature of the modern perimeter and the rise of public cloud […]

Managing Cloud Data Security: Why a Unified Cloud Security Platform is Best

In today’s speed-of-light information economy, flexibility, agility, and speed of innovation have become key to business competitiveness and business success. Few technologies enable flexibility, agility, and speed of innovation like the cloud does. Enterprises no longer have to invest months or years of time and labor, or massive amounts of capital, into developing applications and […]

Cybersecurity and the All-But-Inevitable Breach: by the Numbers

In the wake of late 2013’s massive Target breach, it stands to reason that cybersecurity providers and enterprises alike would be on high alert and their security standards higher than ever. Unfortunately, as 2014 and 2015’s string of breaches—from Home Depot to JPMorgan Chase, from large organizations to small—shows, the enterprise has a long way […]

Leading the Cloud Security Conversation: RSA 2015 Highlights

The RSA security conferences are always a great opportunity to join the conversation around cyber security concerns and solutions, and CipherCloud did more than that at this month’s RSA 2015 conference in San Francisco, where we didn’t just join the cloud security conversation—we led it. It started with Monday’s Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) summit, Top […]