Addressing Security, Compliance and Governance with CipherCloud

CipherCloud puts many of the security/governance concerns over cloud adoption to rest.

Governance:  With CipherCloud, your most sensitive data never leaves the enterprise. You retain control of the data itself and its encryption keys.  If the cloud provider is compromised via an application, operating system, database or network attack, or your users’ account credentials are stolen, attackers can see only the encrypted versions of your sensitive data.

Regulatory compliance: With user monitoring, you can easily audit and track access to sensitive data. If the cloud vendor has a breach, the regulated data will be encrypted.  And user activity monitoring gives you visibility into internal activity with sensitive data.

Transparency:  Data remanence and residency concerns are diminished when your most sensitive data never leaves your enterprise.  You may not still know exactly where or how the data is stored in the cloud, but as long as the most sensitive data is encrypted, it probably doesn’t matter.

Your business retains control not only over the data but also over its encryption/decryption methodology.  You retain the encryption keys or the token database, should you choose tokenization.  And the sensitive data is encrypted at any point outside your enterprise – in transit, at rest, and during processing within the cloud application.

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