Enterprises Protect their Cloud Data

Enterprises are increasingly finding it hard to manage cloud adoption and the flow of data outside of their networks. CipherCloud has pioneered a new seamless way to deliver unequaled security to everything cloud.

Enterprises Use Encryption to
Accelerate their Cloud Adoption

Enabling safe cloud adoption while protecting your most sensitive data is easier than you think. Learn how CipherCloud’s FIPS 140-2 encryption technology is enabling data protection in a matter of weeks.

Why Enterprises Choose CipherCloud

Enabling cloud adoption doesn’t have to be complicated or painful. CipherCloud enables enterprises to take a data centric approach to cloud adoption and ensure data security, compliance and control.

The CipherCloud Platform

Enterprises value the multi-cloud viability, unrivaled data protection and consistent control delivered by CipherCloud.

Learn more about how this data-centric approach is enabling global companies to safely adopt the cloud.

Expand the Business Benefits of Salesforce

Your “Cloud” footprint is likely a combination of multiple clouds, third-party tools, and on-premises systems. CipherCloud has integrated cloud security with over 100 third-party applications including the widest range of Salesforce AppExchange products.

Watch demos of select partner integrations and see how your investment and business workflows can be preserved – all while protecting sensitive data.

Controls and Compliance for ServiceNow

CipherCloud for ServiceNow helps you to expand use of ServiceNow for business processes that handle private, sensitive or regulated data. Now you can deliver increased operational efficiency across your entire enterprise while ensuring data security and compliance.

With CipherCloud for ServiceNow you can:

  • Accelerate your cloud first initiatives while ensuring compliance
  • Increase operational efficiencies with heightened data security
  • Optimize sensitive business processes with privacy controls

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